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Name Type Description
added_date string Restrict by added on a given date.
added_date_start string Restrict by added on or after a given date.
added_date_end string Restrict by added before a given date.
album_title string Restrict by album title.
artists string Restrict by artist.
bpm integer Restrict by beats per minute.
bpm_from integer Restrict by a specified beats per minute or faster.
bpm_to integer Restrict by a specified beats per minute or slower.
duration integer Restrict by duration (sec).
duration_from integer Restrict results to a certain duration or longer (sec).
duration_to integer Restrict results to a certain duration or shorter (sec).
genre string Restrict by genre. Supports: Blues, Children, Classical, Country, Dance/Electronic, Hip-Hop/Rap, Holiday, Jazz, New Age, Pop/Rock, R&B/Soul, Reggae/Ska, Spiritual, World/International.
is_instrumental boolean Restrict to instrumental music only.
instruments string Restrict by instrument.
lyrics string Restrict by lyrics.
moods string Restrict by moods.
page integer Page number. Minimum: 1. Default: 1.
per_page integer Number of results per page. Range: 0 - 500. Default: 20.
query string Search term.
safe boolean Enable or disable safe search. Default: true.
similar_artists string Restrict by similar artists.
sort string Sort order. Supports: composition_metadata.
title string Restrict by title.
vocal_description string Restrict by vocal description (male, female).
view string Render view. Supports: minimal, full. Default: minimal.
Response Codes
  • 200 OK
  • 400 Bad Request
Required Scopes
  • contributor: (no scope)
  • customer: (no scope)
Example Request
Example Response
  "page": 1,
  "per_page": 1,
  "total_count": 2856,
  "search_id": "WBSyNuEMRZ4uUbvVvbFMaA",
  "data": [
      "vocal_description": "",
      "keywords": [
        "good times",
      "artists": [
          "name": "Klimenko Music"
      "genres": [
        "Electro Pop",
      "instruments": [
        "Synth bass",
        "Synth drums",
      "id": "442583",
      "isrc": "",
      "description": "Pulsing and feel-good, featuring soaring synthesizer, groovy synth bass drums and synth drums that create a euphoric, upbeat mood.",
      "similar_artists": [],
      "releases": [],
      "is_instrumental": true,
      "title": "Another Tomorrow",
      "is_adult": false,
      "lyrics": "",
      "media_type": "audio",
      "recording_version": "",
      "moods": [
      "language": "en",
      "assets": {
        "clean_audio": {
          "file_size": 35188408
        "preview_mp3": {
          "file_size": 4400203,
          "url": ""
        "preview_ogg": {
          "file_size": 4453197,
          "url": ""
        "waveform": {
          "file_size": 18778,
          "url": ""
      "contributor": {
        "id": "2847971"
      "duration": 183,
      "album": {
        "id": "",
        "title": ""
      "published_time": "2016-08-16T14:30:03-04:00",
      "updated_time": "2016-08-18T17:59:33-04:00",
      "bpm": 110,
      "added_date": "2016-08-16"
Response {
data (Audio[]),
page (integer, optional),
per_page (integer, optional),
total_count (integer),
search_id (string),
message (string, optional)
Audio {
id (string),
contributor (Contributor),
album (Album, optional),
vocal_description (string, optional),
keywords (string[], optional),
artists (Artist[], optional),
instruments (string[], optional),
isrc (string, optional),
bpm (integer, optional),
description (string, optional),
similar_artists (Artist[], optional),
releases (string[], optional),
model_releases (ModelRelease[], optional),
is_instrumental (boolean, optional),
title (string, optional),
is_adult (boolean, optional),
genres (string[], optional),
lyrics (string, optional),
media_type (string),
recording_version (string, optional),
moods (string[], optional),
language (string, optional),
duration (integer, optional),
assets (AudioAssets, optional),
published_time (string, optional),
updated_time (string, optional),
submitted_time (string, optional),
deleted_time (string, optional),
added_date (string, optional)
Contributor {
id (string)
Album {
id (string),
title (string)
Artist {
name (string)
ModelRelease {
id (string, optional)
AudioAssets {
album_art (AudioAssetDetails, optional),
clean_audio (AudioAssetDetails, optional),
original_audio (AudioAssetDetails, optional),
preview_mp3 (AudioAssetDetails, optional),
preview_ogg (AudioAssetDetails, optional),
waveform (AudioAssetDetails, optional)
AudioAssetDetails {
url (string, optional),
file_size (integer, optional)