Get contributor

Response Codes
  • 200 OK
  • 400 Bad Request
Required Scopes
  • customer: (no scope)
  • contributor: (no scope)
Example Request
Example Response
  "id": "262",
  "display_name": "Paul Cowan",
  "about": "Journalist turned stock and art photographer.",
  "equipment": [
    "Canon 6D",
    "Canon L zooms and primes",
    "Various small medium and large format film cameras"
  "contributor_type": [
  "styles": [
  "subjects": [
  "location": "qa",
  "portfolio_url": "",
  "social_media": {}
Response {
id (string),
display_name (string, optional),
about (string, optional),
location (string, optional),
equipment (string[], optional),
contributor_type (string[], optional),
styles (string[], optional),
subjects (string[], optional),
website (string, optional),
portfolio_url (string, optional),
social_media (ContributorProfileSocialMedia, optional)
ContributorProfileSocialMedia {
facebook (string, optional),
google_plus (string, optional),
linkedin (string, optional),
pinterest (string, optional),
tumblr (string, optional),
twitter (string, optional)