License images

Name Type Description
subscription_id string Default subscription ID.
format string Default image format. Supports: eps, jpg. Default: jpg.
size string Default image size. Supports: small, medium, huge, vector. Default: huge.
search_id string Default search ID.
Response Codes
  • 200 OK
  • 400 Bad Request
Required Scopes
  • customer: licenses.create
Example Request
Example Request Body
  "images": [
      "image_id": "254446402",
      "metadata": {
        "job": "job1",
        "client": "client2",
        "other": "other3",
        "purchase_order": "purchase_order4"
Request {
images (LicenseImage[], maximum: 50): Images to license
LicenseImage {
image_id (string),
size (string, optional, enum: small, medium, huge, vector),
format (string, optional, enum: jpg, eps),
subscription_id (string, optional),
auth_cookie (Cookie, optional),
verification_code (string, optional),
editorial_acknowledgement (boolean, optional),
metadata (object, optional),
price (number, optional): Retail price amount, (for rev-share partners only),
show_modal (boolean, optional),
search_id (string, optional)
Cookie {
name (string),
value (string)
Example Response
  "data": [
      "image_id": "254446402",
      "download": {
        "url": ""
      "allotment_charge": 1
Response {
data (LicenseImageResult[], optional),
page (integer, optional),
per_page (integer, optional),
total_count (integer, optional),
message (string, optional),
errors (Error[], optional)
LicenseImageResult {
image_id (string),
allotment_charge (integer, optional),
price (Price, optional): Wholesale price information, (for rev-share partners only),
download (Url, optional): Information needed to download the image,
error (string, optional)
Error {
code (string, optional),
data (string, optional),
message (string),
path (string, optional),
items (object[], optional)
Price {
local_amount (number, optional),
local_currency (string, optional)
Url {
url (string)