Search images

Name Type Description
added_date string Restrict to images added on a given date.
added_date_start string Restrict to images added on or after a given date.
added_date_end string Restrict to images added before a given date.
category string Restrict by category name or ID.
color string Restrict by hexidecimal color.
contributor string[] Restrict results by artist name or ID. Range: 1 - 100.
height integer Restrict results to images with a certain height.
height_from integer Restrict results to images with a certain height or larger.
height_to integer Restrict results to images with a certain height or smaller.
image_type string[] Restrict results by image type. Supports: photo, illustration, vector.
language string Set query and result language (uses Accept-Language header if not set). Supports: cs, da, de, en, es, fi, fr, hu, it, ja, ko, nb, nl, pl, pt, ru, sv, th, tr, zh.
license string[] Restrict to images with a certain license. Supports: commercial, editorial, enhanced, sensitive, NOT enhanced, NOT sensitive. Default: commercial.
model string[] Restrict image results by model. Range: 1 - 100.
orientation string Restrict image results by horizontal or vertical orientation. Supports: horizontal, vertical.
page integer Page number. Minimum: 1. Default: 1.
per_page integer Number of results per page. Range: 0 - 500. Default: 20.
people_model_released boolean Restrict to images of people with a signed model release.
people_age string Restrict results to images that feature people of a specified age range. Supports: infants, children, teenagers, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, older.
people_ethnicity string Restrict results by ethnicity. Supports: african, african_american, black, brazilian, chinese, caucasian, east_asian, hispanic, japanese, middle_eastern, native_american, pacific_islander, south_asian, southeast_asian, other.
people_gender string Restrict results by gender. Supports: male, female, both.
people_number integer Restrict results to images with a specified number of people. Range: 0 - 4.
query string Search term.
safe boolean Enable or disable safe search. Default: true.
sort string Sort order. Supports: newest, popular, relevance, random. Default: popular.
spellcheck_query boolean Spellcheck the search query and return results on suggested spellings. Default: true.
view string Render view. Supports: minimal, full. Default: minimal.
width integer Restrict results to images with a certain width.
width_from integer Restrict results to images with a certain width or larger.
width_to integer Restrict results to images with a certain width or smaller.
Response Codes
  • 200 OK
  • 400 Bad Request
Required Scopes
  • contributor: (no scope)
  • customer: (no scope)
Example Request
Example Response
  "page": 1,
  "per_page": 1,
  "total_count": 67805,
  "search_id": "QLvIBhynNF1IAT6aFv9euw",
  "data": [
      "id": "409218703",
      "added_date": "2016-04-21",
      "aspect": 1,
      "assets": {
        "small_jpg": {
          "display_name": "Small",
          "dpi": 72,
          "file_size": 202752,
          "format": "jpg",
          "height": 500,
          "is_licensable": true,
          "width": 500
        "medium_jpg": {
          "display_name": "Med",
          "dpi": 300,
          "file_size": 780288,
          "format": "jpg",
          "height": 1000,
          "is_licensable": true,
          "width": 1000
        "huge_jpg": {
          "display_name": "Huge",
          "dpi": 300,
          "file_size": 6717440,
          "format": "jpg",
          "height": 4000,
          "is_licensable": true,
          "width": 4000
        "huge_tiff": {
          "display_name": "Huge",
          "dpi": 300,
          "file_size": 48000000,
          "format": "tiff",
          "height": 4000,
          "is_licensable": false,
          "width": 4000
        "preview": {
          "height": 450,
          "url": "",
          "width": 450
        "small_thumb": {
          "height": 100,
          "url": "",
          "width": 100
        "large_thumb": {
          "height": 150,
          "url": "",
          "width": 150
      "categories": [
          "id": "9",
          "name": "Objects"
          "id": "17",
          "name": "Signs/Symbols"
      "contributor": {
        "id": "356458"
      "description": "Ramadan drum 3D Rendered Isolated",
      "image_type": "illustration",
      "is_adult": false,
      "is_illustration": true,
      "keywords": [
      "media_type": "image"
Response {
data (Image[]),
spellcheck_info (object, optional),
page (integer, optional),
per_page (integer, optional),
total_count (integer),
search_id (string),
message (string, optional)
Image {
id (string),
description (string, optional),
added_date (string, optional),
media_type (string),
contributor (Contributor),
aspect (number, optional),
image_type (string, optional),
is_editorial (boolean, optional),
is_adult (boolean, optional),
is_illustration (boolean, optional),
has_model_release (boolean, optional),
has_property_release (boolean, optional),
releases (string[], optional),
model_releases (ModelRelease[], optional),
categories (Category[], optional),
keywords (string[], optional),
assets (ImageAssets, optional),
models (Model[], optional)
Contributor {
id (string)
ModelRelease {
id (string, optional)
Category {
id (string, optional),
name (string, optional)
ImageAssets {
small_jpg (ImageSizeDetails, optional),
medium_jpg (ImageSizeDetails, optional),
huge_jpg (ImageSizeDetails, optional),
supersize_jpg (ImageSizeDetails, optional),
huge_tiff (ImageSizeDetails, optional),
supersize_tiff (ImageSizeDetails, optional),
vector_eps (ImageSizeDetails, optional),
small_thumb (Thumbnail, optional),
large_thumb (Thumbnail, optional),
preview (Thumbnail, optional),
preview_1000 (Thumbnail, optional),
preview_1500 (Thumbnail, optional)
Model {
id (string)
ImageSizeDetails {
height (integer, optional),
width (integer, optional),
file_size (integer, optional),
display_name (string, optional),
dpi (integer, optional),
format (string, optional),
is_licensable (boolean, optional)
Thumbnail {
url (string),
height (integer),
width (integer)